A strong research capability gives Equus International a sound base for candidate identification and the provision of advisory services across the talent management spectrum. Due diligence underpins all of our activities and we also offer outplacement services and career management advice.

Executive Search

executive-search-tExecutive Search (often described as headhunting) is frequently the most effective way of engaging the strongest selection of candidates for a role that requires a person with a clearly specified set of skills, knowledge and experiences.

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Out Placement & Career Advice

ou-placement-tChange is a frequent, often uncomfortable feature of the modern career. For the individual it may mean having to radically reassess not just a careers but a wider life.

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Advertised Selection

Advertised Selection typically works best where the required skills are generic, or where suitably qualified candidates may come from a variety of backgrounds.

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Due Diligence

due-diligence-tAt Equus International we believe that properly conducted due diligence is a critical component of any recruitment solution.

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Candidate Assessment & Testing

candidate-assesment-and-testingComplementary candidate assessment and testing can add real value to any recruitment process.

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